Standard Phones

Standard Phones

Conventional Telephone Headset Adapters

Would you like to use a headset to substitute your desk phone handset?  Our Headset Adapters allow you to do that. Even though a handset cord is not connected to the phone, you still need to operate a handset to reply or finish the call. However, during a call, your hands will be free so you can take notes or work on your computer.

For a "handset replacement" there are currently two types of headset adapters available: an adapter for a regular computer headset with dual 3.5 mm audio plugs and a 2.5 mm audio mini-plug adapter for cordless phone headset. 

It's really easy to install: 

  • Disconnect your curly cord from your phone and handset.
  • Connect the headset adapter to the handset jack of your phone 
  • Operate phone as normal - pick up the handset to answer the call and put it on-hook when you finished it 

If you have an external headset/handset switch, you may connect the adapter to the headset jack on the switch 



Convert your non-headset capable phone by replacing a handset with cordless phone 2.5mm plug headset.



PC Headset Adapter for Conventional Phone allows replacing a regular handset with a standard PC Multimedia Headset.