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Headset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter Rating
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Product Information

With help of this Polycom Headset Adapter you can easily plug any PC Headset with 3.5mm plugs into the Polycom SoundPoint Phone headset port. You will be open to variety of headset styles - binaural, boom-style, behind-the-neck, etc. for fraction of price of specialized headset.


► Polycom Soundpoint IP 300, 301, 335, 430, 450, 500,
► Polycom Soundpoint IP 501, 550, 560, 600, 601, 650, 670,
► Polycom CX300, CX500, CX600, CX700,
► Polycom VVX 101, VVX 201 VVX 300, VVX 310, VVX 400

► PC Multimedia Headset
► PC Speakers and Microphone


Cable / Length: 1 foot
Phone Plug: RJ-9 modular plug (same size as a handset cable connector)
Headset Plug: Two 3.5mm 3-conductors jacks (see photo for reference)


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Headset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter RatingHeadset Adapter Rating Okay.

This was okay. I was sort of hoping that it would replace having to buy a full plantronics type of setup on my office phone. But for whatever reason the various types of headsets that i tried with this adapter didn't work right. They all seemd to be too weak or could not produce a volume loud enough. I have since given up and have bought a plantronics headset and adapter. bummer.

D.M*** :: May 27 2012, 13:21 pm

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