Nortel Phones

Nortel Phones

Headset Adapters for Nortel phones

Looking for a headset for Nortel Phone? Convert a standard headset with 2.5mm plug or PC Multimedia Headset with dual audio plugs into the corded headset with modular plug, compatible with a variety of Nortel, Meridian, Aastra or Norstar desk phone.

No additional amplifier is required for your Nortel Meridian Norstar phone models:

  • M3903, M3904, M3905
  • M7310, M7208, M7308, M7316,
  • T7316, M7324, M7900, NT8B20,
  • NT8B30, NT8B40, NT8B50

Please notice that Nortel Norstar 72xx and Nortel Meridian 73xx series phones may require different model of 2.5mm headset adapters than other Nortel phone models.



Nortel Headset Adapter converts headset with 2.5mm audio plug into RJ9 modular plug for Nortel or Meridian 7200 and 7300 phones.



Headset Adapter for 2.5mm sub-mini audio plug headsets for Nortel 3900-series phones.



Nortel PC Headset Adapter transforms a regular PC Multimedia Headset with 3.5mm plugs into the office headset, compatible with variety of Nortel and Meridian phones.



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