Headset Adapter for Nortel 72xx-series Phones

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Product Information

Looking for a headset for a Nortel 72xx/73xx Series phone? Do you want to use a standard cordless phone headset with 2.5mm sub-mini audio plug?

Our solution gives you the way to connect an old mobile or cordless phone headset with 2.5mm audio plug to your office phone. Just choose a hands-free headset with sub-mini male plug, which is available in many computer stores, and our product will make it working with a Nortel 7200/7300 series desk phone.


Nortel / Meridian / Norstar T7316, M7310
M7208,M7308, M7316, M7324, M7900, M2216


Standard cell phone or cordless phone headset with 2.5mm plug
*** This is not iPhone / smartphone 3.5mm TRRS headset ***

Cable / Length

Straight cable / 1 foot long

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