Coiled 2.5mm Headset Adapter for Cisco IP Phone

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Product Information

Looking for a headset for Cisco IP Phone? We have a solution that allows connecting a standard cordless phone hands-free with a 2.5mm audio plug.

The Cell Phone 2.5mm headset to RJ-9 modular plug Headset Adapter is for use with Cisco IP phone (Cisco 7945, 7965, 7975 as well as older 7942, 7940, etc. phones). It is compatible with cell phone headset / cordless phones hands-free that is equipped with a 2.5mm audio plug (this is not iPhone/Smartphone headsets).


Cisco 79xx-series IP phones (excluding 792x WiFi and 791x budget phones)
Cisco 69xx-series IP phones (except 6901 and 6911)
*** These adapters not compatible with Linksys SPA phones ***

Cell phone headset with 2.5mm plug
Cordless phone headset with 2.5mm audio plug
*** Warning! This adapter not for iPhone / smartphone headset ***
For iPhone headset check our iPhone Headset Adapter


Cable / Length: Straight cable / 3 feet
Phone Plug: RJ-9 modular plug (same size as the handset cable connector)
Headset Plug: 2.5mm 3-conductors single plug (see picture for references)


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