Cellular Headset for a Conventional Phone

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Product Information

Do you use your phone a lot? Do you want to use a standard cordless phone headset with 2.5mm plug instead of your handset?

We offer you the solution, which allows you to replace your phone handset with a standard 2.5mm hands-free. Now you can have your hands free to write, type, or work with documents while be on the phone.


Any conventional phone with detachable handset.

Standard cell phone or cordless phone headset with 2.5mm audio plug
*** WARNING *** This adapter does not fit iPhone or smartphone headsets.


Cable Length: 1 foot
Headset jack: 2.5mm sub-mini audio plug
Phone plug: RJ-9 modular plug (same size as a handset cabe)

* Some "brandname" phones have proprietary signal levels and may not work with this adapter.

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