Headset Adapters for office phone system

Headset Adapter Co. - Talk more comfortably Do you need a headset for your office phone system? Do you want to use a regular audio headset that you have or can purchase in any store with your office phone?

Headset Adapter Co. has the solution for you. Our invention takes different types of headsets with audio plugs and adapts them to your office phone system.

For example, the PC Headset Adapter converts a regular computer headset into the headset, compatible with Cisco, Avaya or 3Com phone. The Mobile Headset Adapter allows using a cordless phone headset with 2.5mm plug, or even an iPhone/smartphone headset with 3.5mm plug with a headset-enabled office phone.

Using our headset adapters can save you money over buying a specialized office phone headset. It even allows you to use headsets you already have from owning an iPhone or PC.


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