Cisco iPhone Headset Adapter for 7940 IP Phone

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Product Information

iPhone Headset Adapter transforms a typical iPhone or Smartphone headset into a Cisco 7940 compatible headset.  This headset adapter converts the audio headset with a single TRRS 3.5mm audio plug into the RJ-9 modular plug that connects to the Cisco 7940 IP Phone.

This solution offers you great flexibility to choose a headset you like. For instance, you will be able to use your existing iPhone headset that you may already have. Or purchase a comfortable computer headset with an iPhone-style plug. You may choose between a behind-the-neck and boom-style headset. And you still can use the same headset with your smartphone.

Our headset adapters allow you to use the full functionality that Cisco 7940 Unified IP Phone provides. You can answer a call with either headset or handset, and you may switch between them during the conversation. You can use Auto-Answer with the headset or the handset. You can save volume settings separately for speakerphone, handset or headset. These adapters are compatible with hearing-aid in-line amplifiers.


Compatible phones:

Cisco 7940G, 7941G, 7942G, 7945G
Cisco 7960G, 7961G, 7962G, 7965G
Cisco 7970G, 7971G, 7975G

Not compatible phones:

Cisco 7906G, 7911G, 7912G (phones do not have headset port)
Cisco 7920, 7921G, 7925G (phones require 2.5mm audio plug headset)
Cisco 7936, 7937G (conference station does not support headset)



Connecting to the phone:

  • To connect a headset Adapter to the Cisco Unified IP Phone, plug it into the Headset port on the back of the phone.
    » Look for the Headset icon or etched label. Usually headset port located next to the Handset port (coiled cable)
  • After connecting the modular plug, affix the adapter cable to the phone, inserting it into the cable management channel.
  • Warning! Do not plug the headset adapter into the AUX port - it may damage your phone.


Connect the headset

  • Connect the smartphone headset plug into the headset adapter jack

Make a test call

Headset mode inactive (headset button is not illuminated):

  • Press the Headset button, hear a dial tone in the headset, and then dial the phone number
    Type the number with numbering buttons, and then press Headset Button
  • When call completed, either press the Headset Button again (and deactivate "headset mode"), or press the "EndCall" soft button (and keep "headset mode" active)


Headset mode active (headset button is illuminated):

  • Type the number you want to dial, and they press the "Dial" soft button
    Press the "New Call" soft button, hear a dial tone, and then dial the number with a numeric keypad
  • To complete the call either press the Headset button or the "EndCall" soft button


Switch between headset and handset

  • If you need to switch from headset to handset, you can just pick a handset, and the headset will be deactivated (headset button will be deactivated)
  • To switch from handset to headset, press the headset button. Now you can place the handset in the cradle.

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