Cisco Headset Adapter for 2.5mm plug - 1 foot

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Product Information

Do you have an old cell phone or cordless phone headset with a 2.5mm audio plug? Do you want to use it at the office with your Cisco Phone?

We have the solution which allows you to use an old cell phone (or cordless phone) headset with a 2.5mm plug, with your Cisco IP Phone. This adapter will work with a standard cell phone headset, as well as with some Bluetooth dongle (i.e. Jabra A210 or Cardo BTA-II Bluetooth adapter).


Cisco Cordless Phone Headset Adapters compatible with the following Cisco IP Phones:

Cisco 79xx-series:
7940G, 7960G, 7970G
7941G, 7961G, 7971G
7942G, 7962G
7945G, 7965G, 7975G

Cisco 9900-Series:
9951, 9971 Cisco Unified IP phones

Old cellphone headset with single 2.5mm TRS plug
Cordless phone headset with single 2.5mm TRS plug
(see picture for references)

Bluetooth dongle with 2.5mm plug *

* Bluetooth solution requires:
(1) Bluetooth headset,
(2) Bluetooth adapter for non-Bluetooth phones (still can be found at Amazon or eBay)
(3) Cellular Headset Adapter (this product)

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